Come and see for yourself why our little corner of central Italy is so very special!

It’s the greenest area of Europe with 4 National Parks

Abruzzo Natural Parks © Luca del Monaco

Abruzzo Natural Parks © Luca del Monaco

It sits on the Adriatic coast with 129 Kilometres of wonderful beaches

The beach in Giulianova © Mirco Ippoliti on <a href=> Flickr </a>

The beach in Giulianova © Mirco Ippoliti on Flickr


And some of them look like this 

The Magic of Punta Aderci by Luca Libralato on Flickr

The Magic of Punta Aderci by © LucaLibralatoPhotography – all rights reserved

You can ski on slopes that look like this

Snowkite in Roccaraso

Snowkite in Roccaraso by © Bertrand Boone

You can wake up to views like this

Lake of Barrea in Abruzzo

Lake of Barrea in Abruzzo

and go for a hike in places like these…

Rocca Calascio in Abruzzo

Rocca Calascio in Abruzzo

The local wines are amongst the best  in the world and are aged in centuries-old wineries, like these

You can shop regularly for fresh produce in markets like this one 

The market in Sulmona

The market in Sulmona – ph ©

Your kids get to play outside in places like this


Playing outside the Dome of Santa Maria Maggiore in Guardiagrele on a market day

and this 

Kids playing in the summer in Abruzzo

ph @MajellaHomeCooking

Sometimes it’s a bit like going back in time 

Old women wearing traditional costumes in Scanno © Luca del Monaco

Old women wearing traditional costumes in Scanno © Luca del Monaco

Breakfast looks like this 

Italian breakfast at a bar

The most popular forms of transport look like this 

A Piaggio Ape car in the streets of Pettorano sul Gizio

and this 

The sky is this colour for most of the year 

Ovid's statue on a clear blue sky in Sulmona

Ovid’s statue on a clear blue sky in Sulmona

And the local olive oil is this colour 


Olive Oil from Abruzzo

Olive oil from Abruzzo – ph © Italia Sweet Italia

Because George Clooney spent some time filming here…

George Clooney on set in Abruzzo filming The American”

…and while we are talking about George Clooney let’s talk about ‘Sulmona red garlic‘ – our own special type of aphrodisiac

Sulmona Red Garlic

This is just a snack 

Panino con Porchetta

Panino with Porchetta from Sulmona’s market

We make music on this kind of ‘guitar

Making pasta alla chitarra

Making pasta alla chitarra

You can eat lunch on one of these

They’ve been running barefoot, downhill to the village of Pacentro since 1450…

Corsa degli Zingari in Pacentro

Corsa degli Zingari in Pacentro – ph © B&B in Centro a Pacentro

And they’ve been doing this in L’Aquila since 1294

The Perdonanza in L'Aquila © Luca del Monaco

The Perdonanza in L’Aquila © Luca del Monaco

Train journeys are like this

Transiberiana d'Abruzzo

Transiberiana d’Abruzzo ph @

Easter weekend starts like this

Easter Friday in Sulmona

Good Friday procession in Sulmona

And finishes like this

"Madonna che Scappa" in Sulmona © Luca del Monaco

“Madonna che Scappa” in Sulmona © Luca del Monaco

And in between we do this


Grilling arrosticini in Campo Imperatore – ph @

If you get thirsty in the summer there are plenty of these

Fountain of the 99 Cannelle in L'Aquila © Luca del Monaco

Fountain of the 99 Cannelle in L’Aquila © Luca del Monaco

You might see one of these

A Marsican brown bear called “Sandrino” in the National Park of Abruzzo

Our candies look like this

Confetti Flowers from Sulmona

Confetti Flowers from Sulmona

But the best thing about Abruzzo is sharing good food with great people on a warm summer’s night


A summer sagra food festival in Abruzzo – ph @



About The Author

The WTS Team

Written and curated by bi-lingual partnership Katy Gorman and Susanna Iraci, Welcome To Sulmona is the first born and remains the best-loved child of their marketing & communications consultancy ‘Quid Novi’. They enjoy researching and creating copy for their own website alongside that of the other many guest authors. More often than not Katy is ‘words’ and Susanna ‘pictures’. Katy Gorman: Ex-pat Anglo-American, Quid Novi wordsmith, English teacher & resident of Sulmona since 2009. Susanna Iraci: Marchigiana, Quid Novi visual designer & photographer – also resident of Sulmona since 2009.

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  • Dottie Belisle Traudt

    What a beautiful place. This is an area of Italy I long to explore and hopefully I can do so one day.

  • yolanda bentham

    Hope to visit in January 28-30….need to find the old Prisoner of War camp. Does anyone have any info please?

    • Brendan Coffey

      Yolanda, my father in-law lived thru the war and occupation in Cansano which is just up the hill from Sulmona. He might be helpful to you and would welcome the oppty Guilio DiGiacomo

      • yolanda bentham

        Are you in regular contact with your father in law? If so, would you be kind enough to either ask him to friend me or could you help me locate him on facebook as there are many with his name it seems. Thank you Brendan.

  • Brendan Coffey

    What an excellent selection of pictures, bravo!! In my limited wanderings thru many small mountain towns, I have yet to find the waterscapes…so this lake is for sure on my list to visit next time.

    • welcometosulmona

      Ciao Brendan! Thanks, and great having readers like yours! Yes this lake looks amazing… we are lucky to live here 😉

  • PeteAustin

    a lovely list, but Hey, thay’s my donkey photo!!!

    • welcometosulmona

      Dear PeteAustin, so sorry! Until seeing your comment we were 100% sure this pic belonged to someone else, but we now see the mistake and sincerely apologize for it. We work very hard on our site, and take pride in our graphic and media work. When it isn’t ours, we make sure all our sources are rightfully credited and always ask authors their permission to post. Once again our apologies – please tell us if you want us to remove the picture, or just add credit. Should this be the case please provide us with a link to your online portfolio or flickr gallery.
      ps – have we maybe met in Santo Stefano di Sessanio a couple years ago?

      • PeteAustin

        yes, we were at the ‘Let’s Blog Abruzzo’ event, I remember it well! But I’m sad to say that Tra Le Braccia di Morfeo is no longer a Trattoria, only a B&B! It would be great if you can credit me, and my Abruzzo photo page is here….

        a presto, ragazze!!!

        • Ciao Pete!! We have added your link and credit to the lovely donkey image. Again, sorry for the mistake – it was all in good faith. So sad to hear about Santo Stefano, it was such a nice place! We haven’t been back to Santo Stefano di Sessanio since then, but would love to visit when it gets warmer. Are you still living in Abruzzo and if so do you ever get by Sulmona? Coffee on us next time 🙂

  • PeteAustin

    Brendan, Lago di Barrea is a wonderful place, but there are other watery places too. Try Zompo Lo Schioppo or the Valle delle Cento Fonti. The waterfall in Tagliacozzo isn’t so bad either…

  • welcometosulmona

    Hello everyone!!! So sorry to have missed your comments, we wish we’d responded earlier as we love seeing people stopping by our site. Thanks to everyone for your great comments – keep ’em coming!

  • melody nolfi

    My son and i went to sulmona last summer. My father was from Bugnara. When the plane touched down in Rome, a tear slipped down my cheek. I could have never imagined what our trip would have entailed. I hope to stay longer next time. There is so much I didn’t get to experience. Abruzzo– It is the way life is meant to be.