A Jewel nestled in mountains

Sulmona and the Peligna Valley


Italy is magical. Every region, province, city and village has its own unique charm. The region of Abruzzo is often overlooked, nay even forgotten, as itineraries make their way down the boot - zig-zagging across but then skipping over what is the greenest area of Europe.

Until quite recently geography played a large part in the relative isolation of this region - a Blue Guide from the 1960's listed the journey time from Rome as 6 hours.  Modern transport options mean that Abruzzo is now extremely accessible but has however thankfully retained its old world charm and lack of commercialisation, and perhaps also sophistication.

Abruzzo is very real Italy - full of tradition, culture, breathtaking scenery and a reminder of what is important in life.

Sulmona, called 'the prettiest city in Abruzzo' often takes first-time visitors by surprise. Its beauty and harmony create a sense of visual pleasure that makes one feel part of a secret club.  The principal city of the Valle Peligna, Sulmona occupies a flat, lozenge-shaped area surrounded by majestic mountains that display every colour of every season and sits between two awesome National Parks. It is less than an hour to some of the best skiing in Italy, less than an hour to the fabulous beaches of the Adriatic coast, and under two hours from Rome. A more strategic position, for short-term visitors or long term holiday-makers, doesn't exist. Really.

Once you are here you will be able to appreciate the Roman, Medieval, Baroque and modern history & architecture of this town. There are exceptional places to eat, groovy places to drink and stylish places to shop.  Oh and the gelato is pretty fabulous too!  On a day trip you can go up into the mountains, over to a couple of local villages, enjoy a food festival, or laze about the local pool.


We promise you won't be disappointed.


Ci vediamo presto!