Ciao! My name is Antonella and I am a cheerful & friendly tour guide from Sulmona.


I’m passionate about history. During my light-hearted guided tours, I love comparing the West with the East. Mainly because I have a degree from the University of Naples in Oriental History & History of Art.

I love both Swing music from the US and Italian music. I also enjoy Latin American dances such as the Tango and every now and again I also like to Waltz.

At the end of my tours, I like to relax with my clients in the local piazzas by treating them to a coffee or a drink; especially when there are events that allow us to dance and have fun.  A return to those elegant times of the past, if you like. During those occasions, I am always fascinated by the many life stories my clients tell me. Sometimes I’m very moved by what I hear but then we start laughing and dancing again right away.

I love good food. I believe that when one gets to know food, one understands it. For that reason, I also like to praise the delicacies of the various cities we visit.

Antonella Gotto - Abruzzo the Wonderland - Welcome to Sulmona

I have had experience in various fields which have required both organisational skills and an ability to collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers all over the world. So for me, it has been helpful to speak not only Italian but also English and Japanese.

For about two years now, I’ve been able to combine the twin pleasures of an interest in Italian art with a love of good company in my profession as a tour guide. I have realised how much this job rewards me. I get excited about my work, thanks to the satisfaction I get from clients who (from time to time) give me hugs as well as their smiles of gratitude. Their kind words encourage me to go onto better things and we have a lot of fun together.

In my opinion, there is no better thing than to be in the midst of nice people, who despite being tired after hours of listening to my commentary are still smiling. Having contributed to their enjoyable day, their smile is the most welcome form of thanks.

Here in Sulmona, it is the Palazzo of the Santissima Annunziata on Corso Ovidio in the centre of town which I like best. Every time I look at it I find something new which, after careful research, reveals something interesting about either European or Sulmonese history.

I love Sulmona for the very reason that it was chosen by many important people in the glorious past. It’s a great point from which to view both the natural and scenic beauty which surrounds it.

It is the crossroads from which to start a journey in whichever direction we choose.

I call my business ‘Abruzzo the Wonderland’ as that’s what it is to me – I hope you will soon also appreciate how special it is.

For those of you who are waiting for me, I’m ready!

Abruzzo the Wonderland - tour guide in Sulmona



If you would like to book Antonella for a private tour of Sulmona and the surrounding area, or are bringing a group to town, please get in touch with her direct.  

Antonella is also licensed to provide transport if you are without a car.

Antonella Gotto
tel 00 39 333 414 8019
Facebook: Abruzzo-the-Wonderland

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