Let us guide you on a walk around the village of Introdacqua as we reach the vibrant colours of its Festa del Ringraziamento, literally an Italian style Thanksgiving day!

Introdacqua – a five minute drive from Sulmona’s city centre – is a picturesque village on the slopes of Mount Genzana, known in the valley for its many ‘Festas’. Every year at the beginning of November it celebrates its very own “Festa del Ringraziamento“, literally the Italian version of “Thanksgiving”. Our personal favourite!
Don’t be fooled by the name: it is not inspired by American traditions, but it does share a similar meaning and symbolism. Introdacqua’s Ringraziamento is said to have originated from ancient pagan cults, during which local farmers thanked the gods for the abundance of crops gathered during the summer.
Only in recent years has the Festa got new life, thanks to the hard work of the villagers who put great passion into keeping the local community alive. 
Thanksgiving day in Introdacqua is a great way to slow down from the pace of daily routine and enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons not only in the foliage of Mount Genzana and the surrounding valley, but in the rustic and honest flavours of new wine and roasted chestnuts, pumpkin and freshly made pancetta, or a dish of polenta with orapi, a special mountain herb.
And why not treat yourself by shopping for local crafts, which range from carved wood to hand woven baskets of textile jewelry while listening to typical abruzzese tunes by local band Sunatour.
We hope you will enjoy it!
Smoke coming from the many grilling stations like clouds over the village of Introdacqua

Smoke coming from the many grilling stations like clouds over the village of Introdacqua



The whole village is embellished with craftsy floral creations, in an array of all things autumnal  




Roasted pumpkin on "pizza gialla", a type of corn flour bread - absolutely yummy!

Roasted pumpkin on “pizza gialla”, a type of corn flour bread – absolutely yummy!


Music liven up spirits despite chilly temperatures as fireworks light up the cloudy, autumnal sky 



abruzzese music

Local band Sunatour live at the Festa del Ringraziamento with its fine Abruzzese tunes


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