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Are you looking to buy a property here in Sulmona or nearby? Not sure where to start? Let us know what you’re looking for, your budget and your timescale and we’ll do some donkey work for you before you arrive. We’ll submit your criteria to a number of local agencies and developers, forward info to you via email and set up viewings for when you visit. We’ll even accompany you on viewings if you need someone to translate for you. In addition, if you see a VENDESI (For sale by owner) sign on a property as you re travelling around, take a picture of the property and the phone number on the sign and we’ll follow it up for you. In return we ask an hurly fee for our time – get in touch for a quote.
(NB We don’t and cannot work for commission from the seller so it makes no difference to us which property you choose or don’t choose!)


If you need someone to help you bridge the linguistic and cultural divide, let us help. We are also available to accompany you to the Notaio to translate your ‘atto finale’ purchase document – a legal requirement in Italy if you don’t understand the local language. Take a look at a list of our professional services here.

Property Management

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