Our Services

Since 2012, we have been helping both English speaking residents and visitors to our area in a number of different ways.  Some have been initiatives offered by us and others have been single projects and one-off requests for assistance. As an Italian / Anglo partnership, we are uniquely placed to bridge that cultural and linguistic gap that exists between those who have grown up here and those who want to make the most of their visit. Welcome To Sulmona has become the ‘Go To’ resource for English speaking visitors to the area so we are uniquely positioned to help you.

So, in addition to the publication of the Welcome to Sulmona website and the various Experiences which we offer, we’d like you to know that we also provide the following services:



Nowadays, much useful information can be found relatively quickly and easily online.  For some things however you really need to be on the ground. If you need a birth or a wedding certificate from the local Comune (City Hall), or help getting in touch with living relatives here in the area, let us know. We start with a very basic package of just a few hours of initial work before we ask you to commit to anything lengthy or costly.
Email us with your requirements.



Translation & Interpretation Services

We provide this service to local professionals in a number of sectors including being present at the signing of an ‘atto notarile’ property purchase meeting & translating the documents required for Italian residency and driving licenses. We work both Italian to English and English to Italian depending on the situation.  
Tell us how we can help.

Getting Settled in Sulmona

Do you need help with your residency paperwork? Need to find a reliable vet or a commercialista (accountant) who speaks English? Help setting up your utilities & organising a mobile phone or internet contract? Do you need someone to translate for you at the DIY store or make a call on your behalf? Until you are proficient in Italian and / or know your way around, you may need some help with day-to-day tasks. We can offer you a ‘Person Friday’ by the hour. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition so you can start living your Italian dream here soon!



Property Management for holiday homes

Ownership of a holiday home is a pleasure and a privilege. If you don’t want to burden yourself with annoying tasks & bureaucratic issues then we can help. If you need someone to take care of your house while you are away then let us help you to keep on top of all of those things that need your attention – both the regular tasks that are simply too hard to do from another country, and also those biggies where you don’t even know where to start. We offer a selection of packages on a contract basis plus a variety of additional services charged by the hour.
Get in touch for a quote or find out more in our dedicated section.

Property Management for rental properties

If you rent out your holiday home, on a full or a part-time basis, we can also help you with key-holding, meet & greet and arranging cleaning / laundry & maintenance of your property. We offer a selection of packages on a contract basis plus a variety of additional services charged by the hour. 
Get in touch for a quote or find out more in our dedicated section.

Advertising your Property for Sale

Many local people choose to sell their property privately rather than use a real estate agent. Advertise your property for sale on the dedicated page on our website and reach a huge number of foreign readers who are already enthusiastic about Sulmona and the Valle Peligna.
Ask us about our site’s visitor stats and for a rate card of prices for advertising.  

Note that we are not agents and we do not work on commission. Our goal is to put you directly in touch with your potential customer. Your ad will link to your own personal email account and we do not act as intermediaries in any way.

Advertising your Vacation Property

We have a dedicated page for Vacation Rentals By Owner. Ours is a niche market but you can be sure that everyone who visits our website is at least thinking about a vacation here or has already made plans to come.
Ask us about our site’s visitor stats and for a rate card of prices for advertising.  

Buying a Property in Sulmona and the Valle Peligna

If you are buying a property privately from a local Italian, or from a real estate agent who doesn’t speak English, you may need some help. Especially if the information you need is not readily available online and in English. We are also happy to do some initial legwork in your property search before you arrive for a simple hourly fee.  

Note that we are not agents and we do not work on commission. Our goal is to put you directly in touch with potential sellers and registered agents. We do not act as intermediaries in any way.

Odd jobs, building and property renovations

We don’t offer these services directly but we have a list of local tradesmen and builders – including a bilingual project manager – some of whom we have used on our own properties. Some speak English, some don’t. We can also point you in the direction of the best shops for locally sourced building materials and furnishings. We’ve both been through big renovation projects ourselves and are happy to share our experiences both from a local and an expat point of view!
Tell us how we can help. No job too big or too small!


Local liaison for Tour Operators

Do you need a driver, a tour guide or a bespoke itinerary? Perhaps a recommendation for accommodation or the right kind of place for a dinner. Our extensive contacts and personal relationships with local service providers means we can almost always find you the right person at the right price.

We genuinely wish to help you to enjoy your time here in Sulmona & the Valle Peligna. Something we haven’t thought of?  Let us know…