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General Information

Geographical Coordinates: 42°3′8.37″N 13°55′20.36″E
Altititude: 405 masl
Number of inhabitants: 24,336
Patron Saint: San Panfilo – April 28
Town Hall (Comune) website …you can follow them on Twitter too!

List of useful phone numbers



Comune (town hall) Via Mazara Panfilo, 10 tel +39 0864 2421
Hospital Viale Mazzini, 1 Main tel: +39 0864 4991 Bookings for appointments (CUP): +39 0864 499803 Accident & Emergency Department: +39 0864 499232
Carabinieri (military police) Via Sallustio, 10 tel +39 0864 245100
State Police Via Sallustio, 1 tel +39 0864 35661
Fire Brigade Via Circonvallazione Occidentale, 113 tel +39 0864 52222
Forestry Commission Via Gaetano Salvemini, 4 tel +39 0864 31052
Sulmona Railway Station Piazza vittime civili di guerra, 1 tel +39 0864 211041
Taxi Drivers Nicola: 
tel +39 389 169 5093 / Sergio: tel +39 333 775 5009
Toll Booth Sulmona – Pratola Peligna tel +39 0864 272162 / Torre de Passeri tel +39 085 8884327 / Avezzano tel +39 0863413168

Pharmacy on Duty

Note that most pharmacies operate standard shopping hours of 9.00am to 1.00pm and then 4.30pm to 8.00pm.  Outside of these hours check this website for the  designated pharmacy on duty: Farmacie di turno

Driving and Parking in Sulmona

It’s not recommend that you try to drive or park within the centro storico of Sulmona.  There are both parking and driving restrictions here limited to those with special permits and tickets are issued both via telecamera and personally by the Vigili Urbani (traffic wardens) when they are on duty. 

Don’t worry if you have booked a hotel or B&B within this ZTL (zona traffico limitato) as your hosts will be able to advise you on how you can bypass this regulation to reach them – it is not the intention to discourage visitors merely to restrict unnecessary traffic and limit pollution.  Sulmona is principally a pedestrian city.

These are the principal car parks in Sulmona:

Covered car park of Santa Chiara

Located right in the heart of the city it can be reached by following signs from the outskirts of town around the ring road.  A pedestrian tunnel brings you out right in the heart of Piazza Garibaldi.  Pay by the hour.  Note that you can also leave your car here for extended periods if you are visiting for a few days.

Via Japasseri

Free parking for cars, coaches and campers.  Use the unattractive stairs to bring you up to the top level and walk straight ahead for the Villa Comunale (town park).

Via Circonvallazione Occidentale

Called the car park of the Vigili del Fuoco (Fire Brigade) as it is situated opposite their building.  Access to town via the archway of Porta Romana to Corso Ovidio.  Parking is free.

Villa Comunale (Viale Roosevelt and Viale Matteotti)

Park in the bays.  Some free parking (white bays) and some pay at the meter (blue bays).

Ponte Capograssi

Park in the blue bays and pay at the meter

Longer stays for campers

There is a proper camper area in Via Japasseri (opposite the Parco Fluviale) situated in the fenced area at the end of the free parking area for cars. There are spaces for 60 vehicles, either on the asphalt or on gravel, plus water, waste, light, electricity and toilets.  Call Marco Gialloreto on  +39 340 5848285 for reservations.

WiFi in and around Sulmona

WiFiThankfully most central hotels and B&B’s in Sulmona now have a good broadband provision. If you are staying out of town in one of the villages, or in a holiday rental, don’t assume that there will be free WiFi available.

There are however plenty of places where you can hook-up when you are in town. 

The City of Sulmona provides free WiFi in the following areas:  


  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Piazza Carmine
  • Piazza XX Settembre
  • Annunziata
  • Villa Comunale
  • Piazza Tresca
  • Corso Ovidio
  • Teatro
  • Via Roma
  • Via Mazara
  • Stadio Pallozzi
  • Parco Fluviale
  • Area Camper
  • Villetta Viale Mazzini
  • Porta Napoli 

When you are offered the Sulmona WIFI network option you need to register for the first time either via SMS or via Facebook.  The signal should be strong enough to Skype so you can settle down on the steps of the Annunziata, or on a bench in the shade of the Villa, or a bar in Piazza Garibaldi and catch up with friends back home.

Some bars and restaurants have free WiFi for customers. Try:

  • Albergo Stella on Via Mazara
  • Hotel Santacroce by the Cathedral
  • Km00 in front of the Annunziata
  • Cafe des Artistes on the southern stretch of Corso Ovidio
  • music venue Soul Kitchen on Via Alessandro Volta
  • Bar Maggiore in Piazza Garibaldi
  • Ice Cream parlor La Rotonda at Rotonda di San Francesco, in front of the Aqueduct

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