Most weeks of the year there is something interesting going on somewhere in Sulmona or the wider Valle Peligna – whether sporting, cultural, musical, artistic or gastronomic.

Small, local events and any last minute news is published, as far as possible, on our Facebook page or via our Twitter feed.  

If we have not included a specific date it’s because the information was not yet available at time of going to press. For many events we have included a web address for you to confirm the correct details yourselves.

Don’t forget that Sulmona’s famous market in Piazza Garibaldi* is held every Wednesday & Saturday morning throughout the year.

Here is a list of the big fixtures in the 2018 calendar:


  • Saturday 6th: Sagra della Polenta – polenta food festival – Pettorano sul Gizio
  • Saturday 6th: Epiphany – NATIONAL HOLIDAY


  • Tuesday February 13th (Shrove Tuesday): Carnival parade – Sulmona 


  • Monday 19th: Fuochi di San Giuseppe – Piazza Garibaldi, Sulmona (might occur the Sunday before)
  • Tuesday 20th: Birthday of the Roman poet Ovid (born 43BC) 

Easter Holy Week

  • Friday 30th March: Good Friday – Procession of the Dead Christ (evening) – Sulmona
  • Sunday 1st April: Easter Sunday – La Madonna che Scappa in Piazza, (morning) – Piazza Garibaldi
  • NB: Easter Monday (‘Pasquetta’) is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in Italy


  • Certamen Ovidianum – International, Ovidian themed Latin competition 
  • Endurance Cup Equestrian event – Vittorito
  • Traditional costume event in Scanno 
  • Wednesday April 25th:  ‘Festa della Liberazione’ – NATIONAL HOLIDAY
  • Friday 27th – Sunday 29th: The Freedom Trail – 3-day mountain hike 
  • Saturday 28th April: Celebration of San Panfilo – patron saint of Sulmona



  • Friday 2nd: ‘Festa della Republica’ – NATIONAL HOLIDAY
  • Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd: La Cordesca – jousting competition for children 
  • Sagra delle Ciliegie – cherry food festival – Raiano
  • Sagra del Pecorino – pecorino cheese food festival – Bugnara




  • Sunday 9th: Cronoscalata di Popoli – classic car hill-climb competition
  • Sunday 2nd: Corsa degli Zingari – barefoot mountain race – Pacentro
  • Sagra delle Lenticchie – lentil food festival – Santo Stefano di Sessanio
  • Premio Sulmona Contemporary Art Exhibition at the ex Convent of Santa Chiara (Piazza Garibaldi)
  • Sagra del Grano – grain food festival – Torre dei Nolfi
  • Sagra del Pappone – traditional recipe food festival – Campo di Giove
  • Sagra del Contadino – 0 km local farmers’ food festival – Pratola Peligna




NB: We are not the Tourist Board, nor a formal news service, and our information is only ever as good as what is available at the time. We have no obligation to publish on behalf of any organisation or entity and we take no responsibility for any omissions. Please bear in mind that last minute changes in date or venue do happen and although we will always do our best to update our listings there may be errors or inaccuracies which we are unaware of. We welcome feedback and reliable sources of information are what help us sleep to well at night 🙂

* In the weeks of the annual summer Giostra Cavalleresca, the market is held in & around the area of the Court House (Tribunale) at Piazza Capograssi – just over the bridge in the new section of town.

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