Another great opportunity to work with our friend Michelle Capobianco from Majella Home Cooking. Michelle will be holding a special, one-off cooking class on the afternoon of Sunday July 19th where you can learn how to make a selection of those mouthwatering little snacks which accompany your aperitivo.

You will be shown some simple but impressive recipes and techniques that you can replicate at home to the envy of all your guests. At the end of the class we’ll sit out on the terrace and enjoy our creations with a drinky or two.

To be held in a professional kitchen in central Sulmona, places are strictly limited so please get in touch to register your interest!

Stuzzichini Cooking Class


  1. To poke or prod (at)
  2. To tease
  3. To whet (the appetite)
  4. To stimulate

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“Stuzzicare” is one of my favorite Italian food words. It’s a playful verb, one that reminds me of eating cicchetti in a canal-side bar in Venice, crostini in an enoteca off a piazza in Florence or hand-cut prosciutto before a garden feast overlooking the mountains in Abruzzo. Stuzzichini are snacks that whet your appetite before a meal and Italians have a gift with these little morsels.

When I entertain guests, I always serve a wide variety of stuzzichini before a big lunch or dinner. They are inevitably everyone’s favorite part of the meal and the line-up always includes some tasty fritti. On Christmas Day, my mother (who is Sicilian) and I prepare fried cauliflower and cardoons, panelle – fritters made of chickpea flour – and cazzilli – fried potato and herb fingers. However, in the summertime, two of my favorite savory fried bites are frittelle di zucchine e ricotta – zucchini and ricotta fritters scented with lemon zest and fresh mint – and polpette di melanzane – eggplant balls flavored with Parmigiano and basil. They’re easy to prepare and unlike most fried foods, can be made a few hours ahead of time and reheated without compromising their quality too much (although, naturally, they’re best right out of the skillet). Accompanied by a chilled glass of vino rosato, they’re perfect pre-grilling appetizers.

A word of caution, however – as with any stuzzichini, these little bites are highly addictive so don’t prepare too many or your guests won’t have any room left for the main course!  Buon appetito and see you on July 19th!

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Michelle Capobianco
Majella Home Cooking

A former corporate and security attorney, Michelle turned her passion for Italian gastronomy and culture into a "second-chance" career as a caterer, cooking teacher and blogger. Each summer she returns to Italy with her husband and three young sons to her family home in Salle, on her beloved Majella which she refers to as "star of my dreams, source of my inspiration and beloved summer playground"

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