The city of Ovid, the city of Love

Sulmona will cloak itself in love from the 6th to the 8th of December for the event ‘Ars, Eros, Cibus’. 

Join us on the occasion of the third edition of the ARS, EROS, CIBUS event, so that you can see the beauty of our city and immerse yourself in the memories of the poet Ovid. 

ARS (Art)
For the second year the Complex of the Annunziata on Corso Ovidio will host a special temporary exhibition showcasing classic art pieces.
The official theme for this year is “Love wins. Hercules in the works of Ovid”

EROS (Love)
Love & Marriage with the events “Kissing under the eyes of Ovid” plus a haute couture fashion show and wedding exhibition “Marriage at the Theatre”
CIBUS (Food)
Quintessential Abruzzese wine & food in the courtyards of Sulmona’s historical Palazzi.

The programme

Saturday 6th December

From 8.00am Traditional Saturday Market in Piazza Garibaldi

11.00am Conference: “Ovidio 2017 – ideas, proposals and opportunities” at the Comunità Montana Peligna in Palazzo Sardi on Via Angelone.

From 5.00pm Cortiliamo” – stalls selling traditional crafts and local products in the various courtyards of the historic centre (see event map)

“Cuore Enogastronomico” – wine and food tastings plus live music by Adriano Tarullo Sbend in Piazza XX Settembre

From 6.00pm Wedding Fair at the Maria Caniglia Theatre on the corner of Via Angelone and Via de Nino

7.00pm Kissing under Ovid’s gaze” presents the actor Raffaello Balzo in Piazza XX Settembre

9.00pm Wedding themed fashion show and music at the Maria Caniglia Theatre

Sunday 7th December

9.30am Country walk and snacks – discover the wild herbs of our area. To book contact Fattoria Tana della Volpe

10.30am The restored plaque dedicated to Antonio De Nino (19th Century Academic) will be returned to the city

11.00am Disfida all’ultimo piatto” – a culinary challenge by students of the Hoteliers’ School in Roccaraso in Piazza XX Settembre

12.00pm Ovidian performance by the students of the Liceo Classico in Piazza XX Settembre plus the placing of a laurel wreath on Ovid’s statue

4.00pm Inauguration of the exhibition entitled “Lo Vince Amore” (Love Wins – Hercules in the works of Ovid) at the Palazzo Annunziata on Corso Ovidio

From 5.00pm Day 2 of “Cortiliamo” and “Cuore Enogastronomico” plus live music by Gli Amici dell’Organetto in Piazza XX Settembre

5.00pm Day 2 of the Wedding Fair at the Maria Caniglia Theatre

5.30pm Fairy Tales and Princesses” concert by the Camerata Musicale Sulmonese in the Maria Caniglia Theatre

6.00pm Wine & Confetti – tasting at the Polo Museale Santa Chiara (Piazza Garibaldi)

Monday 8th December (public holiday ‘Festa dell’Immacolata’)

11.30am Sulmona in Terrazza”.  Aperitivi and themed conversation amongst the beauty and culture of Sulmona. Open House on four very special terraces across the city: 

  • Fabbricacultura at Vico del Vecchio, 28 – brainstorming concerning the Ovidian anniversary of 2017
  • B&B Marchese del Grillo at Via Corfinio, 62 – the excellence of the products from the Valle Peligna with Slow Food 
  • B&B Sei Stelle at Piazza Minzoni, 8 – Chit Chat in English with Katy & Co. – all visitors, tourists, ex-pats and second home owners welcome!
  • B&B Legacy at Vico dell’Ospedale, 54 – the Y.E.L. business project for young Sulmonesi

6.00pm Presentation of the Madonnina from the living Presepe of Rivisondoli and the launch of the competition entitled “Presepe in famiglia” at the Rotonda of San Francesco on Corso Ovidio


You can keep in touch with the organizers and receive up-to-date information about the 2014 Ars, Eros Cibus event via their website and by liking Fabbricacultura’s Facebook page.

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The WTS Team

Written and curated by bi-lingual partnership Katy Gorman and Susanna Iraci, Welcome To Sulmona is the first born and remains the best-loved child of their marketing & communications consultancy ‘Quid Novi'. They enjoy researching and creating copy for their own website alongside that of the other many guest authors. More often than not Katy is ‘words’ and Susanna ‘pictures’. Katy Gorman: Ex-pat Anglo-American, Quid Novi wordsmith, English teacher & resident of Sulmona since 2009. Susanna Iraci: Marchigiana, Quid Novi visual designer & photographer - also resident of Sulmona since 2009.

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